NY Bar Review

Harvard Law School alumni teamed with top iOS developers to produce BarMax New York, a leading comprehensive NY bar exam review course available on the App Store.

BarMax NY contains everything you need to prepare for and pass the New York State bar exam.

Priced at just $999, BarMax NY includes audio lectures from Harvard Law School-educated law professors, 1,571 real bar exam questions from previous exams, unlimited personal attention & support, and much more.

BarMax provides only real MBE questions, practice essays and performance tests. We believe these are most valuable practice bar exam questions because they are from the minds who write the bar exam.

New for BarMax NY students: Get personalized essay feedback from former bar exam graders.

Features of BarMax NY

  • 50+ hours of clear, concise lectures from Harvard Law School-educated law professors
  • 1,571 real MBE questions from previous bar exams
  • 130+ real practice NY essay questions (each with two model answers)
  • 35+ real NY performance test questions (each with two model answers)
  • Over 800 flashcards categorized by subject
  • Unlimited e-mail and phone support
  • Skeleton outlines in Word format for note taking

Plus more…

  • Welcome packet with materials in PDF/Word format
  • Lifetime access to the app and course materials
  • Great tips and tricks on how to structure your studying and perform on exam day

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Why BarMax Stands Out

  • Outlines
  • Real MBE Questions
  • Practice Essays
  • Performance Tests
  • Professors
  • Unlimited Support
  • Essay Grading
  • Lifetime Access

BarMax contains just one outline per subject and a mnemonic device to help you recall everything you need to know for a given subject. Outlines are simple, concise, and straightforward. BarMax NY contains over 50 hours of audio lectures from Harvard Law School-educated law professors.

BarMax contains 1,571 real MBE questions from previous bar exams. We licensed these questions directly from NCBE. There are no made-up questions in BarMax.
BarMax contains over 130 real Practice Essays, each with two model answers. The model answers we provide are real essays written by students under time pressure. We do not employ scare tactics such as providing Practice Essays that were written by a law professor under no time pressure; these essays are not realistic. Also, our Practice Essay Workshop was written by a former bar exam grader and provides insight and analysis regarding what bar exam graders are looking for. You can actually get the law wrong and still get a good score.
BarMax contains over 25 real Performance Tests from previous bar exams, each with two model answers. The model answers we provide are actual Performance Tests written by students during the bar exam.
BarMax NY Professors include: Charles Nesson, Martin Pritikin, Jessie Hill, Gregory C. Keating, Howard Bromberg, Diane Klein, Rachel Arnow-Richman, Danielle Hart, Gregory Maggs and Ken Agran. Every professor featured in BarMax NY is a Harvard Law School alumnus.
We are here for our students. As a BarMax student you will have unlimited same-day technical support and access to Harvard Law School alumni for any content-related questions.
BarMax includes personalized essay feedback from a former bar exam grader with over five years experience grading Practice Essays and Performance Tests.
You will have access to the BarMax app for life (although we are confident you will only need it for a few months).

BarMax NY Bar Review Course on iPad